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Professor Aihanuwa Eregie [MBBS, MD, FMCP, FACE, FEMSON, and FRCP (Lond.)], Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology at the University of Benin and a Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City.

We have plans in this Exco to encourage people to collaborate beyond the World Diabetes Day. When we came on board, we decided that there is the need to do more because there’s more to Endocrinology than diabetes. Other important days worthy of note in EDM include the World Obesity Day and the World Thyroid Day. We decided to strengthen and encourage the zones to let the activities at the zonal levels be more frequent in terms of utilising webinars and scientific collaborations among members in various centres.

We also intend to establish a Biannual Virtual Masterclass on other burning issues in Endocrinology and also plan to improve other aspects of EDM by establishing a National Case Report Day which will involve virtual presentations of outstanding cases in Endocrinology.

We recognize the need for the development of guidelines for the different endocrine disorders. Plans are underway to establish a Committee on development of Guidelines for the management of Diabetes Mellitus, with members drawn from across the country. Guidelines for other endocrine disorders will follow shortly.

We have established a relationship with Italian Endocrinologists under the auspices of the Associazione Medici Endocrinologi (AME) and had the first collaborative webinar on Obesity on 29th June 2023. We look forward to future collaboration with this association and all other like-minded medical professional groups in areas such as scientific research, clinical training for younger Endocrinologists, postings etc.

I would like to promote an assembly of Endocrinology Specialists with a passion for excellence in teaching, research and clinical practice of Endocrinology in Nigeria. I wish EMSON to be a powerful advisory and advocacy group for Endocrinology training and practice in Nigeria and to be involved in policy formulation and the formulation of guidelines for Endocrine disorders in Nigeria and then also to take us to the next higher level. We are already affiliated with the International Society of Endocrinology but we can be affiliated with other International Associations of Endocrinology for purposes of exchange of ideas and collaborative research.

The 2023 annual general meeting and scientific conference comes up in Port Harcourt in September 2023. . I want to encourage networking and dialogue during our annual scientific meetings. Beyond listening to the oral presentations, members should also endeavour to go round and look at the poster presentations, listen to people and talk with them and these may lead to collaboration subsequently.

The Exco has taken the decision that the AGM & SC should be hosted in rotation by the EMSON Zones and the South-South Zone is the first host under this new dispensation. We look forward to a successful outing in Port Harcourt.