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Membership is open to all academics, healthcare providers and corporate bodies who have interest in Endocrinology, Metabolism and related subjects. Healthcare / academics concerned include (but not limited to): Endocrinologists and physicians of all specialties, Paediatric Endocrinologists, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Surgeons, Laboratory Scientists, Anatomists, Biochemists, Physiologists, Medical Microbiologists, Nurses, Nutritionists and Medical students who are interested in Endocrinology, Metabolism and related subjects.

Categories of membership of EMSON (particularly as applied in conferences) include: full members, Associate members, Corporate members and others. To become a member, prospective candidates are required to:

  1. Fill a subscription form obtainable from the secretariat at a fee.
  2. Get two full members in good financial standing to sign the forms.
  3. Have presented a paper in any of the Society’s scientific conference.
  4. Submit filled forms for verification and approval by the national executives.

Candidates whose application are successful are usually inducted during the Annual General Meetings (AGM) (Note: admission is not done by PROXY).

Membership is renewed yearly by payment of an annual membership dues of #15,000 (subject to change during AGMs).
Payment of annual membership dues can be made to the society’s account (Name: Endocrine and Metabolism Society of Nigeria (EMSON), Union Bank Acct no: 0007383077), and tellers/evidence presented to the secretariat, or during AGM. Payment can also be made online.

Become a member